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Invisalign in Dewsbury

The clear, convenient teeth straightening system that’s taken the world by storm has arrived in Dewsbury.

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Straighten your teeth without anyone knowing

Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic systems worldwide

Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are an adult teeth straightening system that we love because it’s proof that it’s never too late to get the smile you want! So if you think you missed your chance not having braces as a teenager – and train tracks are out of the question as an adult – then pop in for a consultation to find out if Invisalign is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

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Why invisalign?

Invisalign is a discreet, convenient and high-tech system that straightens teeth fast using clear, made-to-measure aligners that sit over the top of your teeth. They’re barely visible when worn, and removable for when you want to eat, clean them or attend a particularly special occasion. Plus they work fast – think weeks not years – so you can look forward to a straight smile and renewed confidence in no time at all!

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A dentist scans a patient's teeth with iTero scanning equipment

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Our team can create a 3D image of your teeth in just minutes using an iTero scanner. This is a high-resolution interactive image of your teeth to show what your new smile could look like before you have even accepted your proposed treatment plan!

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Who is suitable for invisalign?

Invisalign and clear aligners are cosmetic treatments designed for the front ‘smiling’ teeth – so if there are deeper problems concerning bite and function, your dentist may recommend an alternative treatment.

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What does the invisalign treatment involve?

If your dentist agrees that you’re suitable for Invisalign or clear aligners, you’ll begin with a consultation during which you’ll be able to see a 3D time-lapse image of your teeth before, during and after treatment. You’ll need to sit for dental impressions, which will be sent to a lab so that your bespoke Invisalign retainers can be fabricated. Then you simply wear the retainers for the prescribed amount of time, returning to change them every few weeks until your treatment is complete.

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How quickly can I expect results?

This is dependent on your individual case, but typical treatment times are around nine months. You’ll need to have a permanent retainer fitted behind your teeth after treatment to maintain the results.

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